Terms and Conditions

‘Whatever the by using of visiting this site you have been indicated is your acknowledgment and the assent of these are Terms and Conditions anyway by the other terms and conditions of which is maybe used are introduced ‘goodandbad.live’ on this site from time to time is your access of use/ participation and the downloading material from to the site indicates of your agreement to abide by these terms and conditions at any times of posting changes by the online and it’s your responsibility to the reference are comply with are these Terms and conditions upon to the accessing of sites if you don’t agree of any are these Terms and conditions please cease to be from these users of this site networks immediately’.

‘Now the use of this site is only one permitted for a lawful purpose and in the manner of which has been not to breach is the law and which has been doing not to infringe any are the rights or restricts the use and are the enjoyment of this site by any of are the third party, Such as the restriction shall be included but is not limited to harassment/ defamatory conduct/ abusive content/ distress to the third parties and the any other of conduct which may have been deemed too inappropriate’.

‘However, you are hereby to warrant of that is your more than the 18 years of age ago and the possession of all required of approvals and the consents of including are legal guardian/ parental consent for the use of this site to further of warrant that is your fully able are competent to enter these terms and conditions and the abide of them’.

‘Now the various part of this site has been allowed to use information/ any other to be used transmitted/ posted on the sites hereinafter the referred to as User Submission these scripts/ articles/ opinions/ any other form of materials such as the users of Submission shall be subjects to following of the conditions’.

‘Whatever the submitting of any material to this site has been accepting provide the nonrevocable unlimited Global of the user Submission to ‘goodandbad.live’ who has been turned to be shall of the right use/ distribute/ alter/ delete the parts user are Submission as per its own the discretion and any other platforms/ media whatsoever’.

‘The User of submission may can it used by the ‘goodandbad.live’ for any purpose of including but not limited to reproduction/ broadcasting/ transmission/ cutting/ adapting/ posting and any other use as per the rule of the sole to the discretion of ‘goodandbad.live, you shall have been solely responsible to your own the submission of any claims together with the damages of third party rights as well as any legal action/ proceedings arising out of the users and submission of this material’.

‘Now by the submitting of any users Submissions from hereby to represents and the warrant of that is you have the right of submitting such as the material and that is you have been to obtain of all necessary clearances/ consents/ rights and the permissions to use it from authorizing ‘goodandbad.live’ to use any material has been submitted/ including the rights of together it to all the patents/ trade secrets/ copyright/ proprietary rights on all users of Submission’.

‘However, you have been undertaking you will be disclosed on this site any material of information that is protected by the subject of any copyright trade of secrets/ any third party proprietary rights/ including of privacy/ publicity rights/ unless of all rights have been obtained from the rights of owners to submit the material of all information and the granted license indicated of herein to the ‘goodandbad.live’.

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